We are building a global Depo10 Community where members can create financial wealth and freedom through shopping of premium products and services by engaging Depo10 Forced Matrix Program.

Referral Info


 1. All nationalities whose age above 18 years old are most welcome to join DEPO10 Community.
2. The information submitted to be a community member must be true and correct.
3. A deposit of RM50 OR USD10 to be paid for purchasing a premium product or service is required.
4. The list of products and services advertised in this website are of premium quality and available online & offline.
5. Deposit can be paid in either fiat currency RM50 or crypto currency USDT10 (TRC20 using Tronlink Pro Free Wallet).
6. The referral bonus can be use to pay for the balance cost of the purchase products or services. 
7. An option of cash withdrawal is possible for deferred balance payment.
8. Cash / Crypto of referral bonus payment is made twice a month only ( 15th & 30th ) for eligible members.
9. All deposits paid are non refundable but the ownership of the account can be transferable.
10. Members of DEPO10 Community are expected to be of good character and law abiding citizens.